A Christmas Tree seedling and transplant nursery of unparalled quality, Colebrook Nurseries combines the latest horticultural developments with years of experience and care. Colebrook Nurseries created the Fralsam Fir, a unique cross of the Fraser and Balsam, and grows this very special product as well as our Blue Balsam and Frasers from our own superior-quality seed orchards. Before our specialized conifer seeds are planted, Colebrook Nurseries soil is sterilized to eliminate weeds, fungus and diseases. Seedlings and transplants are then graded for quality, and only the best are planted in our high-country fields to produce truly superior Christmas Trees.

Tending our young trees.

The Fralsam, developed exclusively by Colebrook Nurseries in 1981, takes the best characteristics of the Fraser and Balsam, including:

Colebrook Nurseries currently is developing a Balsam Fir with full branch needles, a steel blue color, and buds that break out as late or later than Fraser Fir. Contact Colebrook Nurseries to learn more about our Superior Quality Christmas Trees, including our exclusive Fralsam Fir.

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